About Brad

Hi, I'm Brad.  

I’m an artist from Texas that paints with a hard-edge, graphical, stylized form.  I go for the "pop" and the fun-factor most of the time, occasionally throwing in a little street art flavor to my designs.  I use saturated colors a lot of the time and my style is highly graphical.  I'm proud to paint these kind of paintings.  It's what I like. Mostly, I just try to push my own limits and have fun doing what I'm zoning in on.

Brad Ormand painting Glasses Owl and another painting aside

I paint pretty much exclusively with acrylic on canvas, but I mix it up with airbrush, markers, spray paint, pencil, and plaster as well, when I create on other media. Some of my stuff is conceptual and abstract, like the drip paintings, but most of it is quite concrete, like the stylized owls. 

I've ventured out into other movements and styles, but I keep veering back to this one.  Most of my paintings are inspired by mathematics and geometry - lines, curves, graphs, projection, shades, and shapes.  And, there's something about eyes and plants that I have a fascination with.  I have so many other ideas to paint - lots more is coming!

Brad Ormand Painting Collage 1

I started painting without knowing what any art genres consisted of.  I just get an idea in my head and try to figure it out on the media.  So, I really don’t have any classical roots except for the graphical lettering, drum kits, and video game characters I used to draw as a kid.  But, I practiced a lot, and I never lost the spark for wanting to put somethin' down at all times.  I did get a few years of Graphic Design in college and worked at some ad agencies and a print shop in different roles such as Animator and Programmer. I'm also a musician.  These days, I really enjoy painting geometric, stylized forms of things in nature.

Brad Ormand - Portraits with canvas and trees

I hope you enjoy looking through the site!  There's a lot of variety to choose from on the store.  If you see something you like, why not pick it up?  You'll know something about the guy from Texas that painted it and I'll really appreciate it.  It ships right away - you'll have it in about a week.  Enjoy!

-Brad Ormand